Elegant Navy Kitchen Cabinets For Decorating Your Kitchen 41
Elegant Navy Kitchen Cabinets For Decorating Your Kitchen 41

46 Elegant Navy Kitchen Cabinets For Decorating Your Kitchen

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Kitchen cabinet colors have come a long way since your mother’s kitchen.

Today kitchen, or bath, cabinets can be almost any color or wood finish. Color in the kitchen is important because it sets the mood and enhances the overall style of your kitchen.

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Black cabinetry: Like the little black dress in your closet, nothing spells “class” like black. Black cabinetry is very sophisticated and is often seen in high-end kitchens. Black cabinetry will never look dated because like that black dress it’s timeless and never goes out of style. It works well in virtually any style kitchen from country to contemporary. If too much black is not your style, a black island will bring class to your kitchen without making your kitchen seem dark. When mixing black cabinetry in a room, black and white are naturals, black and red or green also work well together. The only down side is the fact that dust will show on black so frequent dusting is necessary. However, this is a small price to pay for your dream kitchen.

Blue cabinetry: Whether you choose a light pale shade, navy, midnight blue or anything in between, blue is timeless. Blue is the color of the sea and light blue is a natural for Cottage style kitchens and the more formal kitchen styles favor shades of light blue. Country-American or French-medium to dark blue and especially distressed finishes. Traditional styles call for medium blue. Contemporary kitchens-any shade of blue. Blue is also great on kitchen walls, evoking a feeling of spaciousness, height and depth. If a kitchen is small blue can make it feel larger. Blue and white gives a crisp, cool feeling to the room. Consider white cabinetry with blue countertops and a blue island with a white countertop.

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