50 Pretty Fairy Garden Plants Ideas For Around Your Side Home

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Garden fairy statues are one of my favorites in the world of garden statues, and for good reason… They are cute and beautiful and they really enhance your flower garden. Here are some of the flowers that will give you the best results in creating a magical flower garden.

When you are using whimsical and mythical garden sculptures you pretty much need to go with either very formal gardens (think English gardens) or very informal gardens (think cottage gardens). If you are using dragons, griffins, or gargoyles in your design than formal is the way to go. But for fairies, informal gardens will be your best bet.

Many people think of an informal garden as an overgrown mess, but that doesn’t have to be the case at all. To get a neat look, you just need to choose the right plants for your fairies to find a home.

Of course, I do have favorite plants for incorporating into a magical fairy garden. They include roses, climbers, and cottage perennials. When it comes to climbing plants, clematis top my list. You can do clematis in two different ways. The first way is to simply allow the clematis to climb up your fence. This works very well if you use several different types of clematis, so that it blooms all season. Use fairy statues that can attach to your fence and peak from between the plants. The second way is to use a single plant on a garden obelisk. This plant can them become the centerpiece of your garden.

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