Marvelous Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas 42
Marvelous Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas 42

50 Marvelous Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas

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The Harmony Mountain Cottage Home Plan is based upon the presence of a splendid vista in a natural setting. There can be two options available, namely buying vacant land, or buying an existing cottage, tearing it down, and rebuilding. The advantage of the following the tear-down route is existing amenities, such as access to roads, electric and water lines and perhaps even a septic system. And it is often possible to rebuild upon the old base, which allows economies in construction (and sometimes circumvents newer zoning restrictions). However, vacant land is usually cheaper to buy. Prospective buyers must check to see if there is year-round road access; existing electrical, water, and telephone lines; and if not, how much it would cost to bring in these utilities. Check out the view from possible building sites. Check that, if the land is on or near a shoreline, it is suitable for swimming, or for building a dock. Check any local zoning requirements and restrictions on new construction.

When you are ready to design your dream craftsman bungalow house plan, you can choose from one of many cottage design plans available inexpensively online from internet house plan providers. These feature free software which enables you to easily input the features you desire, and then to calculate an estimate of how much that design would cost to build in your area. The advantage of buying existing house plans over building your cottage from scratch is that many of the decisions – such as which materials should be used, what bathroom fixtures, roof, siding, and flooring should be used – is already taken care of, and its estimated cost is calculated automatically.

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Online house plans providers can recommend reputable contractors in your area. Before you decide on a general contractor to build your bungalo house plans, you should solicit bids from least three builders. You should ask them for a detailed breakdown of all costs, so that you can accurately compare them. You should also ask for and check their references. In deciding on materials consider some of the newer, energy-saving materials available, such as structural insulated panels, which are like a sandwich of factory laminated strand board with a filling of foam. These panels go up faster than traditional wood framing, and they make for a building which is three times as strong, while using a third of the energy required to heat a wooden frame house. Another technological innovation is fibre cement siding, which is made from a blend of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. This exterior cladding doesn’t support insects or rot, and it can be effectively cut with an electric wood saw.

Modern technological features make the traditional Harmony Mountain cottage home plan an inexpensive option in bungalo house plans. The ideal craftsman bungalow house plan of your dreams is available online now.

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