Amazing Winter Kitchen Design Ideas For Home 46
Amazing Winter Kitchen Design Ideas For Home 46

53 Amazing Winter Kitchen Design Ideas For Home

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As children growing up on a diet of E. Nesbitt and Charles Dickens novels, one of the images that captured our imagination was that of the cozy Victorian kitchen, especially in the winter. In such tales, there was a roaring fire in the grate, the cook used to bake delicious mince pies, and the children would enjoy a cup of hot milk in the long winter evenings that they whiled away by playing parlor games.

Sadly, the reality for most people was probably much different. There was no central heating in those days, and you would have to sit fairly close to the fireplace for it to make any real difference. Preparing food was much harder then, and although there were plenty of people who were privileged enough to have household staff and enough to eat, there were many more who were starving.

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But this welcoming image still persists and even though we don’t have such fantasies about the modern kitchen, which has no fireplace, uniformed maid, scullery, or pantry, we can still create our own warm atmosphere. Today’s small kitchen with its modern, more efficient and less pretty technology can still be a welcoming place.

First of all, we can get some nice accessories, like soft kitchen rugs and pretty china plates that we can hang on the wall in imitation Victorian style. This gives a cute, welcoming look that is very reminiscent of bygone days. Similarly, colored glass jars and bottles can also give a country-style old-fashioned look, as well as being an inexpensive and easy kitchen decoration idea.

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