52 Classy Traditional Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your House

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There are many different outdoor lighting styles to choose from that one can get overwhelmed or flustered by the choices. If you have an outdoor theme, try to stick with the theme or environment you are trying to create. This will add a dramatic and unique look to your outdoor landscape. The first two articles discussed fire pots, torches, and solar lighting as alternatives to traditional outdoor lighting when decorating. This is the third article installment about outdoor lighting, highlighting lanterns and lamps.

A lantern is a portable light used to illuminate rooms or surrounding areas. An outdoor lantern gives the yard a classic and traditional feel. Lanterns add subtle lighting when enjoying a summer meal, or lounging around the deck. Here are few kinds of lanterns to gaze at:

Parasol Stained Glass Lantern
Bring a bold and cheerful splash of color and light with stained glass outdoor lighting. They are stylish alone, but when added together with the different, create a trendy glow. And all that is needed to illuminate them are tea light candles. The colors that are available are green, amber, fuchsia, and turquoise. These lanterns can be placed on a tabletop or outdoor coffee table. They can also be used as a lighting decoration for the deck.

Iron and Glass mosaic Lantern
A mosaic style stained glass lantern brings life to any outdoor evening setting. It is crafted from a durable steel frame that houses beautifully coined stained glass panels. The lantern’s hues give off radiance and add brightness-perfect for any season. It has a hinged door and sturdy iron ring, perfect for hanging, and accepts a candle that is 1 ½” in diameter. Set this lantern by a door outside your home, or on a tabletop indoors, and is a charming and quaint accent perfect for any occasion, big or small.

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