52 Popular Organic Dining Room Design Ideas

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The holidays are right around the corner and for most of us, it is the one time of year that we use many of the items in our dining rooms. In order to organize this space, you’ll want to start with some type of storage.

Buffets, sideboards, or hutches are great but they aren’t the only options. You can repurpose an old dresser, armoire or just about any piece of furniture with storage to organize your serving pieces. Have a piece of furniture that is old or outdated? Furniture can be completely changed with a fresh coat of paint, a change of hardware and a little creativity. It may even end up becoming the focal point of your room.

Let’s move on to those tricky items that are usually kept in your dining room. But before we do that, I do want to mention that when you are organizing any space, it is a good idea to purge before you organize. Be realistic about how many options of each item you need and how often you entertain. Remember that the goal is not to cram as much as possible into your space, but rather to store things in an organized manner, so you are able to find them when needed and keep them protected when not in use. Onward!

Tablecloths: If you are lucky enough to have the closet space, hanging them is best because it keeps them wrinkle free. Any hanger will do but tiered pant hangers take up very little room. If closet space is unavailable, your tablecloths can be folded or rolled on mailing tubes and stored neatly in a drawer or on a shelf. Safety pin a tag to each one with the size and shape to make finding the one you need much more efficient.

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