50 Super Patriotic Porch Independence Day Decoraion Ideas

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Super Patriotic Porch Independence Day Decoraion Ideas 45

Incorporating architectural columns to your home is one of the best ways to make it look more appealing. Columns could add a classic feel to any part of your house, whether you use it for your interiors or on your porch. Choose from different designs and give your home character with these fixtures.

The main purpose of columns is to transmit the weight of the structure above it to structural elements below, like the ground or another floor. Structural square columns form the backbone of your home, providing main support for the rest of its elements. Manufacturers create decorated versions of these pillars to make them look visually appealing, since most of them will be visible in your home after construction.

Modern-day pillars also serve as decorative pieces. They could be independent pieces that support a decorative arch on your doorway. You may also see some pieces attached to the wall. Porch columns serve both as decorative pieces and as additional structural support for your roof.

Cylindrical and square columns have three parts. The cap or capital is the topmost portion of a column. It is wider than the pillar itself, allowing it to hold the weight of an arch, a roof, or another floor. These come in Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan, and Composite styles. Choose a Doric or Tuscan cap for a simple look, or try a Corinthian cap for an elaborate effect. The pillar is straight at the bottom and tapers slightly to the top. Tapering prevents deformations due to the load it bears. Pillars come in plain or fluted designs. High-end stone or hardwood columns have carvings on them. Finally, choose between a Tuscan and a Doric base to complete your column.