51 Easy DIY Towel Racks Ideas That You Can Do This

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Easy DIY Towel Racks Ideas That You Can Do This 44

Very few people think about the impression that your bathroom fixtures can make on others. That’s not to say that people don’t put any thought into their bathroom design – of course they do. They make sure they have a toilet that works well and looks well. The sink is kept clean and complements the room really well.

But what about that one item that gets used in your bathroom over and over again. What’s that? Towels of course and your poor towels (that were picked and bought with care) are usually left hanging on an excuse for a towel rack somewhere in your bathroom. Usually the bathroom towel racks look somewhere between plain old bad and really awful. Especially if there’s a few towels hanging on it that are well past their sell by date right? What’s worse is that if the towel rack has actually started to rush or rot if it’s wooden – that just looks like plain nasty.

The weird thing is that you have plenty of choice when it comes to towel racks. Okay so you don’t want to go down the road of spending a small fortune on something that just holds your towels but you can do so much better than that fake chrome monstrosity sticking out of your wall. There are so many wonderful designs – from the ornate to the eccentric that you can choose from. Your towel rack is something that people are going to see every time they used your bathroom (we’re assuming all your guests wash their hands of course).

So when you’re decorating a bathroom either professionally or as a DIY project the towel rack should be on your list of things to watch out for to get right the first time around. This might mean that people see you as a perfectionist but that isn’t a bad thing – why would you want to do a half-hearted decorating job on your own house or anyone else house for that matter.