51 Elegant Wardrobe Design Ideas For Your Small Bedroom

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The size and shape of your bedroom will dictate the size and proportions of your wardrobe. Your room might have alcoves or other nooks and crannies which would be perfect for a built-in bedroom wardrobe.

You should decide early if you need to make alterations to the room’s physical layout, such as putting in walls to create a walk-in wardrobe or to divide the sleeping area from the rest of the room. Be aware that some structural changes can have a severe impact on the bedroom’s light, and therefore its overall ‘feel’. Be particularly careful if your bedroom only has one light source, as even partially blocking this can have disastrous consequences for the whole bedroom.

Using fully-fitted wardrobes might free up space, but on the other hand they can overly dominate. They do have the advantage of turning an otherwise uneven wall into an unbroken surface. Sometimes separate furniture can give a room a lighter and more individual feel than built-in wardrobes.

If your bedroom is high ceiling-ed, a full length floor to ceiling built-in contemporary wardrobe might be too much, towering over you as you sleep (or try to!). You can lighten the expanse of doors of a fitted wardrobe in many ways: fitting mirrors on the doors (or even having the whole door as a mirror) can lighten a room and make it appear more spacious, as well as breaking the lines of larger door.

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