51 Fantastic New Years Eve Party Table Decoration Ideas

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New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are often celebrated by staying up late to usher in a brand new year. In addition, almost all of us take a moment or two to reflect on our successes of the past year and muse on what we hope to change and the resolutions we hope to achieve in the next year. Because New Year’s comes so soon after Christmas, often decorations for Christmas are still up and therefore New Year’s does not get its own decorations. It is easy to add a bit to your existing Christmas decorations to set New Year’s apart as a holiday in its own right.

Many of us do not wish to take down the Christmas tree and all of our Christmas decorations immediately after the presents are unwrapped and the stockings are emptied. We enjoy the lights on the Christmas tree in the evening, and the magic of the Christmas season that seems to linger as long as the decorations remain. We also just got all of the decorations exactly the way we want them and aren’t ready for the task of putting it all away yet. This can actually assist in our New Year’s decorations.

We can start at the floor level. If we have used rugs for our Christmas decorations it is important to determine if the rugs reflect a festive mood or a Christmas specific mood is a good place to start. If the rugs are Christmas specific, exchanging them for more festive colored rugs or monochromatic rugs will help with the décor shift. If rugs were not used for Christmas decorating adding an area rug will help to differentiate the New Year holiday. For extra pizzazz in decorating, consider a Flotaki rug which can be extremely luxurious and festive. Especially in a room that does not have a Christmas tree in it, brightly colored area rugs will signify a festive area in our house.

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Brightly colored ornaments in jewel tones give off a festive feeling and can be accented with coordinating colored party favors. Table cloths and throws can be changed from Christmas specific afghans or runners, to jewel toned textiles.