60 Extraordinary Winter Table Decoration You Can Make

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Whether it be wedding table settings, black tie or prom, how to dress a table is an important detail to get right and it needn’t cost you the earth! I’ve been to and seen some fabulous ideas and will share some of these with you so that you can mix and match and play with to hopefully come up with something totally unique for you!

This can depend upon the type of bridal occasion you are having. If you are having a wedding breakfast it can be a lovely to see large centre piece vases full to the brim with bright, fresh fruit and sprigs of Himalayan birch that have been wrapped with a Swarvoski crystal vine varying between diamontes to hints of the wedding colour theme.

Fresh flower arrangements filled with seasonal flowers and intermingled with twisted willow and Swarvoski crystal vines can look breathtaking, not to mention the scent that these give. I’ve also known brides have large fish bowls filled with gold fish, however depending upon the guests depends upon the suitability of this type of table decoration! A spring or summer table scattered with rose petals shouts out romance and for place names why not consider buying simple glass coasters and writing in glass paint each person’s name. It may be time consuming but these will also serve as a keepsake of your special day. Why not commission some crocheted lavender stuffed hearts with your guest’s embroidered initials; another keepsake. Simple place names that are scented with an essential oil of your choice can serve two purposes, they are inexpensive to create and yet depending on the oil used can either evoke romance, invigorate or calm your guests; you could even have different scents for different tables! Lavender for those party animals that may need taming, neroli oil for the singles table, the options are limitless and you can have fun with it. How about hand gathered stones or shells that have been washed and then paint each guests’ name on, varnish if you like for a memory they can keep forever.

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Depending upon the colour theme of your occasion, generally this time of year is warm and glowing. There are so many options with this season and some of them are autumn leaves, especially acer or maple due to the vibrancy of their colours. A large vase loosely filled with these bright leaves and battery operated fairy lights can look beautiful especially as darkness draws in. I’ve been to a wedding where each table had a turkish style lantern lit to give a smouldering romantic glow to the occasion and slices of wood had been cut for each guest and their names burned into them, these proved lovely items to keep. What about hand crafted chocolate boards with the guests name inscribed, an edible fancy to keep hungry guests at bay!