Inspiring Wooden Winter Decoration Ideas 31
Inspiring Wooden Winter Decoration Ideas 31

40 Inspiring Wooden Winter Decoration Ideas

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You can turn a spare room, garage, basement, or workshop into an area that can easily help you fight the winter blues, and earn you some extra money, by making wooden lawn decorations. Everyone likes wooden lawn decorations, and almost every yard has one or more of them placed somewhere for others to see. There are black, shadow cutouts of people and animals, painted ducks with wings that move in a strong wind, holiday decorations such as pumpkins or reindeer, the designs are limitless.

Wooden lawn decorations are easy and fun to make, and you don’t need a lot of items to make them either, some of the basic needs are the wood, a jigsaw, sander, nails, or screws, and wood glue and paints. You must decide on the type of wood you want to make the decorations out of, a lot of people say make outside decorations from such woods as; cedar, black locust, teak, hemlock, redwood, and sycamore, because they are very insect and weather resistant. But most of the people that make and sell wooden lawn decorations use plain plywood, because it’s a lot cheaper then a more weather resistant wood.

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You can buy treated plywood, or treat the wood yourself with a nice water repellent or protective coating. Finding ideas for making wooden lawn decorations is easy and almost limitless, you can use the holidays as a start, for instance you can make Turkeys, Pilgrims, and Indians for Thanksgiving decorations. Christmas decorations can be Santa, Reindeer, Sleighs, and Christmas Trees. You can make wooden lawn decorations for every Holiday, and you can make general non-holiday decorations like Flowers, People, Animals and more.

Simply sketch your item onto the wood with a pencil, and then cut the shape out with a jigsaw, once cut out, smooth any rough edges by sanding. You must also make a stake to secure the item into the ground with, simply attach the stake to the reverse of the cutout with screws, nails or a good wood glue. Once your decoration is cut out and the stake or base is secured to it, you can paint the items in any colors you want, using a good wood primer and a high quality outdoor paint, such as a latex enamel.

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