Fabulous Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas 37
Fabulous Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas 37

51 Fabulous Kitchen Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Decorating for Christmas is one of the things I love about the holiday season. I have to force myself to wait until after Thanksgiving is over to put up the Christmas tree and all the other decorations that I seem to accumulate more of each year. Sometimes I start early, as soon as the Thanksgiving meal is over and the turkey coma is beginning to wear off. It is so exciting to pull box after box of Christmas decorations out of their storage places and begin the transformation of our ordinary home to a festive holiday themed space.

In addition to the new ornaments and decorations that I inevitably purchase each year, there are treasured pieces that are like gifts each year that I get to reintroduce them into my home’s d├ęcor. One of the decorations that I most love because of the huge transformation that comes to my home is the long evergreen swag that goes above my cabinets every winter. I transform my kitchen along with the rest of my house; after all I will be spending a lot of time in that room during the holiday season cooking and entertaining.

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The swag goes up first since it seems to set the tone for the room. After it is placed carefully around the tops of my cabinets I add in baskets and wooden drums, large ornaments and candles. Then I move to the countertops. Where they are usually bare with the exception of the fruit basket, I add a cookie jar, potpourri basket and festively scented candles.

I never forget the floor. A few years ago I added a festive green and cream area rug to the center of my kitchen’s hardwood floor. What an immediate difference it made. While I had been focusing on the swag as the foundation, the rug was what was needed to truly pull the room together. Adding a holiday rug made the kitchen feel cozy and warm and gave it a finished look that had not been there before. I liked it so much that I got another smaller rug to go in front of the sink. These rugs transformed my kitchen.

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