Gorgeous Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 45
Gorgeous Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 45

58 Gorgeous Farmhouse Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

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When is a christmas tree more than a christmas tree and more akin to a piece of art? After reading the following christmas tree ideas you will realize that there is a very fine line between just a tree and a piece of original sculpture. If you have a passion for unusual christmas trees maybe you will find some of the following ideas inspirational. Keep in mind that most of the christmas tree ideas below work best as miniature tabletop trees or holiday table centerpieces.

The Bead Tree
Bead trees are simply a cone of paper that is circled by a long strand of beads that are glued to it. These beads coil repeated around the cone until they resemble a christmas tree. These unusual christmas trees can be made out of any material that you like – pearls, glass beads and novelty beads. You can also twine fine foil braid or ribbon around the beads to give your tree special holiday flair.

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The Candy Cane Christmas Tree
This little tree looks nice using candy canes that are either red or green striped. Once again you will need some kind of conical armature. If you make a really small one you don’t need an armature at all. The idea is to make a teepee frame using long candy canes. Then take smaller ones (or chop of the length of the longer ones) and place them symmetrically around the tree frame with the hooks of the candy canes u upside down and sticking up like branches. If you are really ambitious you can also glue candies to the tipped up edges with butter cream frosting to resemble Christmas decorations.

The Lollipop Christmas Tree
This is one of the simplest of do it yourself unusual christmas trees. All that is required is a Styrofoam armature and red and green lollipops. You can also roll up a piece of stiff paper that is green in color into a cone and poke the stems of the lollipops through the tree so that only the candy part is showing. This is done so that the lollipops are facing downwards to look like tree boughs. You can use a brightly colored yellow lollipop stuck with the stem straight down through the top of the cone to be the tree-topper. This is one of the more unusual christmas tree ideas.

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