41 Glamorous Canopy Beds Ideas For Romantic Bedroom

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Ever since I was a child, I have adored canopy beds. Growing up, my parents had a great wrought iron bed that I still think of with great fondness. It wasn’t a canopy bed frame originally, but it had enough height for a canopy to hang properly from it. When mom and dad went out, we liked to make a secret hideaway using sheets and blankets flung over the top of the bed. Under the covers as children we would pretend to be in a fort. Which is why ever since I have loved a nice canopy bed frame. The thing I love is how the canopy gives you an overwhelming feeling of being safe and warm, protected from all the bad things in the world around you.

You can have a canopy bed with all sorts of different bed frames. Although there are many wonderful styles to choose from, I personally prefer the wrought iron bed frames. I love the heavy look and strength. However, I have seen many quality wooden frames that have a very chic appearance. Wood frames are great because they weigh less, are more gentle to your floor, and are more forgiving when you run into them. A bed frame made of wood might be easier on your legs if you are prone to bumping into your bed when getting in or out.

While you browse local stores for canopy bed frames, consider the height of the canopy as well as overall aesthetic appeal. How tall your ceiling is, along with your own personal preferences, will largely determine the height of you bed. When it comes to a canopy, some people prefer it to be at its maximum height. Others enjoy sleeping in canopy beds sporting lower canopies, because it provides a greater degree of intimacy. When a canopy bed is too low, I really don’t like it. When the canopy does not allow enough air inside the bed, it can become stifling. Some people actually like this though. Consider trying out as many beds as you’d like before making your final selection.

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Antique canopy bed frames are as unique as you are, so look around for one you love. A quality bed that stands the test of time often stays in a family for generations. Many generations of a family can enjoy the same wrought iron bed frame or a wooden bed frame. Beds from different historical periods can be purchased at your local antique store.