36 Relaxing Front Yard Fence Remodel Ideas For Your Home

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Residential yard fencing comes in an often bewildering selection of sizes, materials and styles, although vinyl is one of the most widely used. Properly installed and maintained, it can not only provide privacy and security, but also add value to your property. If you are installing residential yard fencing, there are several things to consider – its appearance, durability and the amount of maintenance needed.

The type of fence you choose will also be influenced by what you intend to primarily use it for. If you are putting one up to keep deer or other animals out, you may want to choose fencing designed specifically for that purpose; vinyl will be a better option if you are installing one to provide privacy. And a properly installed wooden fence not only looks great, but invokes a rustic and country feel and will almost certainly add value to any property.

You should also take into account any local rules and regulations when putting up a residential yard fence. Some homeowner’s associations may have rules concerning the size, type and location; some homeowner’s associations are stricter than others and don’t allow them in a front yard or dog runs. You may also have to adhere to local building guidelines; for example one enclosing a pool may have to follow applicable distance and height regulations.

The majority of homeowners install residential yard fencing to provide privacy, for not only a yard, but a patio area, deck or pool. However, they can also be useful in blocking out any unsightly elements such as outdoor cables or an air conditioning unit. Privacy fencing can be constructed of just about any material, but aluminum is one of the most popular as it is easy to install and care for and offers a beautiful appearance. Vinyl tends to be the material of choice for privacy for those who live in a townhouse or a patio home and want to block out any sights or sounds.

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One thing to consider when installing is the overall cost of the project; not just the materials themselves, but any additional work that may be required. You may need more landscaping, or you may need to add a gate or access point somewhere. There also may need to be additional installation costs from the contractor if they have to secure the fence posts in concrete.