37 Creative And Innovative Kitchen Backsplash Decor Ideas

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So you’ve seen a terrific-looking kitchen backsplash in a home and garden magazine and fallen in love. Or your next-door neighbor just got her kitchen remodeled and now you want what she’s got. Or maybe you’re just tired of the same old, same old and want something new. Whatever the reason, it’s clear you want a new one. Read on to find out where to find one that’ll not only knock your socks off, but keep splatters from reaching your walls and cabinets, as well (oh, and did we mention you’re sure to find a kitchen backsplash that’ll do it in style, too?).

How about a tin kitchen backsplash that comes in five patterns and 45 different powder-coat colors? That’s what you’ll find at The American Tin Ceiling Company, among many other home décor products. This company also makes ceiling panels, switch plates, flat and crown molding, wainscoting and more – all from Victorian-style, tin-plated steel.

Kitchen Source offers several choices in the functional and aesthetic kitchen backsplash. Chrome plating, stainless, steel, and stone and ceramic all show off their best characteristics at this online kitchen décor store.

One comes as an eye-catching part of a universal vent hood/cook top/backsplash package for those looking to go further than installing a backsplash only. Kitchen Source also provides a host of accessories such as rails, shelves, baskets, and more to go with your favorite kitchen backsplash.

Ever think about an engraved kitchen backsplash made of either aluminum or 304-alloy, food-grade stainless steel? This unique style of kitchen backsplash that features three-dimensional ornamentation such as seahorses, cornucopias, roosters, cattails, and more can be found at Spectra Metal.

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Wherever you go to for a kitchen backsplash, the choices seem to be endless. Made from all types of materials – ceramic, natural stone, metal, glass, even painted or wallpapered – a kitchen backsplash can set the decorative pace for any kitchen design theme. But why keep on dreaming? With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can start on that kitchen you covet right now! Get online and find that perfect kitchen backsplash today!