52 Magnificient Farmhouse Ladder Chandelier Ideas

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Crystal chandeliers have been glittering emblems of wealth and status, as they always have for centuries. They have been associated with the elegance, and excesses of royalty and the wealthy. The dazzling glow that they give a room is unequaled by other lighting fixtures, and they help add luster to any type of room. There are a lot of chandelier designs available today, and they range from the ornate, baroque styles of the middle ages, to the modern, 21st-Century minimalist types.

Chandeliers Have Embraced Modern Design Features
In the 1960s, the world of interior design and home decor took a turn toward less formal, more subtle yet elegant types of illumination. Recessed lights, track lighting and other minimalist lighting innovations became the norm and accepted standard.

Crystal chandeliers were often seen as applicable for historic houses, grand mansions or in the lobby of the an elegant hotel, however they were seen as too impractical, grandiose and quite fussy for modern homes. These elegant and stately fixtures have been making a comeback of late; they are still fabulous, however more unique than ever.

According to interior design experts, chandeliers, or they prefer to call them lighting fixtures, are definitely back in vogue, and being combined with track and recessed lighting. According to home-lighting professionals, they’re back and in vogue, but they’re cleaner and more architectural. Home décor experts attribute the new-found interest to the appeal of a central lighting fixture that pulls a room together, the way people use a fireplace to group things and make a focal point.

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