45 Beautiful White Curtains For Home With Farmhouse Style

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Bedroom is that part of our house that serves like a sanctuary. It is a place to relax in and refresh ourselves, ready to face the challenges of life. This makes choosing curtains for the bedroom an even more difficult decision as the wrong ones can affect our mood and state of mind.

Extremely bright coloured curtains in the bedroom can result in negative energy flow and enhance extreme emotions like anger and very dark colours can make the place seem depressing and mellow. So, the colour scheme of the curtains should be decided keeping all aspects in mind, the utilitarian aspect as well as the aesthetic aspect.

It is best to go in for soothing colours like blue, beige, lighter shades of purple, feminine shades or the neutral shades of white. The presence of these colours promotes a sense of harmony and balance apart from giving a peaceful feel to the room.

A lot also depends upon the existing furniture in the bedroom. If there is heavy, traditional, wooden furniture, one should opt for shades of beige. If the bedroom has a modern and minimalistic look, white curtains will complete the look. If the theme of the room’s furniture is white, it is safe to experiment with a variety of colours in curtains without disturbing the colour balance.

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