46 Modern Plant In Pot Ideas For Your House Decoration

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Exotic as the dictionary would define it in this context with plants is something introduced from a foreign country meaning not native to the country in which you may reside. To further define these plants, they are usually imported from very warm and frost-free environments and placed in your home in pots or larger containers where climates are much harsher than the native land.

This requires artificial creation of those elements that will result in the exotic plants ability to survive in the environment of your home or place of business. It will, in some cases, test your ability as a gardener because some of the these exotic plants need more tender loving care than do others. To others decor maybe more important for a short period of time than providing a place in your home or garden for a long period of time. This will be up to you to decide.

I am going to assume here that you are the enthusiastic gardener and it will necessitate some close requirements to be followed. This is especially true if you have the desire to raise orchids, bromelaids or exotic hoyas. Exotic Plants are usually from much warmer climates and this relays the impression that they will require intense temperatures. This is actually a misnomer and you will be quite surprised to find that the requirement for cooler almost cold nights are required to process sugars from the leaves to the roots.

One of the real dangers to an exotic plant is the lack of humidity. In the outside world it is dripping with moisture and the humidity is close to 100% but bring it into a heated home and it experiences only a small amount of the moisture it can usually hold. Here there is more evaporation then the plant can possibly replace. This is sure death to your exotic plant. It requires the existence of saucers filled with pebbles and water placed under your exotic plant. It may also require you to mist your plant at least once a day to continue the existence of a higher humidity then would normally exist in the room.

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