49 Most Popular DIY Summer Wreath You Will Totally Love

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Most Popular DIY Summer Wreath You Will Totally Love 48

With the holidays over, that place of honor occupied by the holiday wreath seems somehow bleak and bare now that the wreath is gone. Filling that space with another wreath may seem like an excellent idea however, fresh wreaths can become quite expensive to keep replacing. There is an alternative to using fresh wreaths in decorating your home, one that will allow you to have wreaths year round at a reasonable cost. Consider using a silk floral wreath instead of fresh wreaths in your home decorating.

Years ago having any kind of artificial floral arrangement in the home seemed somewhat tacky. That is because the first, artificial flowers and plants were often made of cheap plastic and looked as cheap as they actually were. However, with new technology and methods of making artificial flowers and plants these floral arrangements often look and even feel stunningly real. Silk floral wreaths can and do look like fresh wreaths bought from your local garden center only they have far more benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy when decorating with silk wreaths.

These wreaths are long lasting. Unlike fresh wreaths that despite the most careful care only last a week or two at most, these wreaths can last for years and only need periodic cleaning to keep them looking fresh and bright.

Silk wreaths are also less expensive than fresh wreaths in the long run. Due to the fact that you don’t have to worry about replacing your wreath with a new one every few days you can save money on your decorating costs. A well cared for wreath can last you years which means they cost only pennies compared to using and replacing those fresh wreaths.