Classy Bedroom Dressers Ideas With Mirror 37
Classy Bedroom Dressers Ideas With Mirror 37

46 Classy Bedroom Dressers Ideas With Mirror

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Dressers are furniture that is usually found in the bedroom. These pieces of furniture are usually fitted with drawers that parallel one another. The number of drawers that dressers contain depends on its size as some may have as much as 8 drawers. These pieces of furniture usually are used for keeping clothing articles and other items organized, but other uses can be brought to mind depending on the design and size of the dresser.

Dressers can come in different shapes and forms, and this ultimately determines what to use it for and how to place it inside the bedroom. Sometimes, dressers are chosen and made to suit a theme chosen for the room, and sometimes it is purposely designed to stand out in the room because of its aesthetic qualities. The oldest and most traditional forms of dressers are usually smaller, and are used to keep smaller articles and clothing in order. Most of these dressers are used to keep underwear, socks and other trinkets and items like jewelry. Today, many newer designs are larger and have more storage space than usual. These dressers have more drawers and more storage space. Furthermore, many craftsmen are now making dressers with more intricate designs and aesthetic quality and so dressers are valued not just because of their functionality but because of their design value as well. The purposes of your traditional dresser have now been expanded.

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There are many makes and designs of dressers that are now on sale in the market. Some are already made and ready for pick-up, while some offer personalization services. If you have specific preferences for your dresser, you can now talk to the craftsman and tell him how you want your dresser made. But what designs of dressers are there available that would suit your budget, preferences on design and of course, functionality?
Standard bedroom dresser

Standard bedroom dressers are usually rectangular in shape and are not that tall. These pieces of furniture’s height range from 2-4 feet in height. These are your usual bedroom dressers as they feature drawers and some occasional cabinets, depending on the deisn. These dressers are what are usually used to store small clothing articles and small items. Its top can also function as a place for small display items like vases, photo frames and small figurines. A standard bedroom dresser is usually placed in rooms that have little space as these pieces are not big and bulky. These dressers come in different designs and can be made from different kinds of wood. The usual combinations are oak and maple since these hardwoods are very durable and are good for keeping clothes. Artistic touches of these simple standard dressers are usually noticed with the knobs and the color and grain combination of the wood used in the dresser

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