Innovative Stepping Stone Pathway Decor For Your Garden 08
Innovative Stepping Stone Pathway Decor For Your Garden 08

57 Innovative Stepping Stone Pathway Decor For Your Garden

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One of the most versatile, easy to use and imaginative accessories for your garden is the stepping stone.

From their original use as a functional yet decorative way to delineate a path through ornamental gardens, stepping stones are now considered a part of the garden. Commercially, there are almost endless themes available to suit any taste or interest, come in a variety of shapes and sizes, even 3 dimensional.

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There is also the option of making your own garden stepping stones for an even more personal touch. There are ready made molds available, or you can almost any container you may have that is the right size and shape for what you wish to make; just make sure the container is the same size or smaller at the bottom, or you may never get your completed treasure out.

Normally, there are 3 types of base material used, depending on the use of the stone. Regular concrete is used most often when a stone is actually part of a pathway, and decorations, such as small mosaic tiles or colored stones are used for visual effect. Stepping stone concrete is used when a more intricate pattern (or 3-d effect from a mold) is used. It is finer grained, so there is less likely to be an air pocket in a detailed area. Finally, there is plaster of paris; it is VERY fine grained, and will hold the best detail of all; but lacks the strength necessary to hold up under harsh weather or traffic conditions. Garden stepping stones of this material should be ornamental only, and in an area protected from weather and harsh temperatures.

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