51 Creative Front Door Flowers Pot Ideas

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A drab entryway probably isn’t doing its job as the first impression that people have of your home. Instead of showcasing a boring and lifeless decor, transform this area into an inviting and artistic representation of your residence. Get helpful decorating tips for front doors to begin this transformation.

Painting Techniques
Paint can be an effective way to add exciting curb appeal to front doors. You have a variety of style options as you choose paint colors and techniques. A classic hue can add a traditional feel to a home, while a bright color will pull all eyes to the entryway. Deep red is a popular choice due to its bold and welcoming feel. When you want to create a cottage feel, consider bright yellow. A stone house with a deep blue door could be the perfect color combination. A variety of green hues can add a natural touch to virtually any house. Try something a little different and opt for a coppery pumpkin entryway instead of red. Purples are an imaginative option for both modern and traditional residences.

Unusual Wreaths
Wreaths are a common focal point on doors. Wreaths date back to ancient times, originating as a headband worn by Olympic champions. At some point, wreaths transitioned from headwear to walls and then entrances. While Advent and holiday wreaths are popular decor, many people enjoy decorating with other types of wreaths throughout the seasons. You can even choose unusual and unconventional variations of the typical wreath. Use an umbrella as a vase for colorful silk flowers. Fill a flat basket with silk flowers for a seasonal touch. An empty picture frame makes an innovative square wreath, especially if you embellish it with dried flowers and ribbons. Wood cutouts, painted to fit the motif, can add a whimsical flair to the doors.

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Other Accessories
Many entries feature the house number in some fashion. You essentially have endless options for displaying your address. A silver serving platter painted with chalkboard paint would serve this purpose effectively. Frame the house number and hang it by a wide ribbon. Add a monogram of your family name for a stylish touch. You could stencil or paint it to the surface. Other options include hanging an oversized letter by ribbon or twine.