50 Amazing Kids Bedroom Furniture Buds Beds Ideas

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I recently spoke to a friend who was just having their third child. They told me that they were stressed out as they were looking for a bigger house, but they couldn’t afford to move to a larger scale house. When I listened to their predicament I couldn’t help but think that the answer was simple. With children’s bunk beds there would be no issue.

The eldest child would have to move into the smaller of the two rooms while the other two children could share the other room. Installing a children’s bunk beds would therefore save space and allow an amount of co-existing to occur between the two children. Of course it wouldn’t be so much of a problem for the first year of the new child’s life as they would be sleeping in a cot.

But it still seemed like a very good solution to an issue that shouldn’t really have existed. Apart from the bedroom situation the house was plenty big enough for the number of occupants that occupied it. So when I suggested the children’s bunk beds idea it was almost as if a weight had been lifted off of their shoulders. They were slightly skeptical about the idea initially because like most families these days they assume that everyone should have their own bedroom. The actual fact of the matter is that the way housing prices are going up and with the state of new build houses it is very likely that there will be more bedroom sharing over the coming years.

Actually installing children’s bunk beds into your house can have a very positive effect on your children’s personality, forcing them into an environment when they have to learn to share and also where they have to appreciate the thoughts and desires of others will provide them with a well rounded view on life.

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