Creative DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas 33
Creative DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas 33

37 Creative DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

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Your deck, patio, and porch can become one of your finest entertainment locations with the proper furniture. One of the best ways to have the finest furniture possible is using outdoor furniture plans and building your own. It can also be the recipe for disaster.

On the disaster side, if you choose poorly designed outdoor furniture plans, or buy inferior materials, your furniture could collapse, injuring a guest. Even if the furniture does not break, if you are not using proper materials and plans, the furniture will not be durable, wasting your time and money.

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On the positive side, when you use good outdoor furniture plans, and the right materials, you will build furniture which makes the store bought stuff look absolutely horrible. Your furniture will have more natural beauty, will be stronger, and will survive through more years of use. Not only will it be better quality, but many times you will have spent less money for your furniture.

When planning your project, make sure to buy wood which is treated for the outdoors. It is also a good idea to consider using a good outdoor sealant to help protect your hard work from the rain, sun, wind, and snow. Your outdoor furniture plans should include recommendations for the proper type of wood, and for sealing the finished furniture.

While pride may not be a motivating factor for you, it is enjoyable to be able say you built your own deck furniture. You are sure to have many people notice the high quality of the furniture, and the sturdy construction. Many of them may ask where you bought the pieces. Just smile and tell them it is out of their price range. It had to be paid for with sweat, splinters, and calluses. Of course, your buddies who love woodworking as much as you will then really start driving you crazy with questions. They will want to know all about the plans, how long it took you to build the furniture, and how much it cost.

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