Diy Outdoor Bench Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

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27 Best DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas and Designs for 2021

Welcome to our blog post on DIY outdoor bench ideas! If you’re looking to spruce up your outdoor space and create a cozy spot to relax and enjoy the fresh air, building your own bench can be a great option. In this article, we will provide you with some creative and budget-friendly ideas to inspire your next DIY project.

Why Build Your Own Outdoor Bench?

Building your own outdoor bench has several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to customize the design and size to perfectly fit your space and personal taste. Secondly, it can be a cost-effective option compared to buying a pre-made bench. Lastly, DIY projects can be a rewarding and fun way to unleash your creativity and showcase your craftsmanship.

Materials and Tools Needed

Before diving into the different DIY outdoor bench ideas, let’s quickly go over the materials and tools you’ll need. The exact requirements may vary depending on the design you choose, but here are the basics:


  • Wood (cedar, redwood, or teak are popular choices for outdoor use)
  • Screws or nails
  • Wood glue
  • Outdoor paint or stain
  • Cushions or pillows (optional)


  • Tape measure
  • Saw (circular saw or miter saw)
  • Drill
  • Sandpaper or sander
  • Paintbrush or roller

DIY Outdoor Bench Ideas

Now that you have an idea of what you’ll need, let’s explore some creative DIY outdoor bench ideas:

1. Simple Wooden Bench

A classic choice, a simple wooden bench can complement any outdoor space. You can build a basic bench with just a few wooden planks and screws. Add a coat of paint or stain to protect it from the elements.

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2. Pallet Bench

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, repurposing wooden pallets can be a great idea. Sand down the pallets, stack them up, and secure them together to create a unique and rustic bench.

3. Concrete Block Bench

For a modern and industrial look, consider using concrete blocks as the base of your bench. Simply stack the blocks, add a wooden or cushioned top, and you have a stylish outdoor seating solution.

4. Tree Bench

If you have a tree in your outdoor space, why not incorporate it into your bench design? Build a circular bench around the tree trunk for a cozy and natural seating area.

5. Storage Bench

Maximize functionality by building a bench with built-in storage. Add a hinged top or drawers underneath to store cushions, gardening tools, or other outdoor essentials.

6. Concrete and Wood Combination

Combine the durability of concrete with the warmth of wood by creating a bench with a concrete base and wooden seating area. This unique design will surely make a statement in your outdoor space.

7. Repurposed Headboard Bench

If you have an old headboard lying around, repurpose it into a charming bench. Remove the legs, attach some wooden planks for the seating area, and give it a fresh coat of paint.

8. Cinder Block and Wood Bench

Similar to the concrete block bench, this design incorporates cinder blocks as the base. Stack the blocks, secure them together, and add a wooden seat for a minimalist and budget-friendly bench.

9. Adirondack Bench

For a classic and comfortable seating option, consider building an Adirondack-style bench. This iconic design features wide armrests and a slanted backrest, perfect for lounging outdoors.

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There you have it – nine DIY outdoor bench ideas to inspire your next project. Whether you prefer a simple wooden bench or a more unique design, building your own bench allows you to create a personalized and functional outdoor seating area. Remember to choose materials that are suitable for outdoor use and take the time to properly finish and protect your bench. Happy DIY-ing!