How To Fit A Christmas Tree In A Small Living Room

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With the holiday season just around the corner, many people are excited to decorate their homes with a beautiful Christmas tree. However, if you have a small living room, finding space for a tree can be a challenge. In this article, we will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to fit a Christmas tree in a small living room while still maintaining a cozy and festive atmosphere.

1. Choose the Right Size

The first step in fitting a Christmas tree in a small living room is to choose the right size. Measure the available space in your room and consider the height and width of the tree. Opt for a slim or pencil-shaped tree that takes up less floor space but still provides a full and festive look. Additionally, consider getting a tabletop tree if space is extremely limited.

2. Optimize the Placement

When it comes to placing the tree, think outside the box. Look for unused corners, alcoves, or even a small side table where you can fit the tree. Placing the tree near a window can give the illusion of more space and also provide a beautiful backdrop. Consider rearranging your furniture temporarily to create a designated space for the tree.

3. Use a Wall-Mounted Tree

If floor space is limited, consider using a wall-mounted tree. These trees are designed to be hung on the wall, saving valuable floor space while still providing a festive touch. You can decorate the wall-mounted tree with lights, ornaments, and garlands, just like a regular tree. This option is perfect for those who want a Christmas tree but have minimal space.

4. Get a Half or Corner Tree

Half or corner trees are another great option for small living rooms. These trees are designed to fit snugly against a wall or in a corner, saving space while still providing a beautiful tree shape. They come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your room. Half or corner trees are also easier to decorate and maintain.

5. Use a Tabletop Tree

If you have extremely limited space, a tabletop tree is an excellent choice. These miniature trees are small enough to fit on a table, countertop, or even a windowsill. Despite their size, tabletop trees can still create a festive ambiance in your living room. Decorate them with miniature ornaments, battery-operated lights, and a small tree topper for a charming and space-saving Christmas display.

6. Decorate Strategically

When decorating a small Christmas tree, it’s crucial to be strategic. Opt for smaller ornaments and decorations that won’t overwhelm the tree. Avoid bulky or oversized ornaments that can make the tree look cluttered. Instead, choose lightweight and compact decorations that fit the scale of your tree. Consider using ribbon or garlands that wrap around the tree vertically to create an illusion of height.

7. Consider Alternative Trees

If you’re looking for a unique and space-saving option, consider alternative trees. There are various alternatives available, such as wall decals, tree-shaped shelves, or even a ladder tree. These options provide a festive touch while saving space in your living room. Get creative and think outside the box to find the perfect alternative tree for your small space.

8. Opt for a Pre-Lit Tree

Save time and space by choosing a pre-lit tree. These trees come with built-in lights, eliminating the need for additional strings of lights. Pre-lit trees are also easier to set up and take down, making them an excellent option for small living rooms. You can find pre-lit trees in various sizes and styles to suit your space and personal preference.

9. Store Decorations Efficiently

After the holiday season, storing decorations can be a challenge in a small living room. Invest in storage containers specifically designed for Christmas decorations to maximize space. Use stackable containers or even utilize under-bed storage for larger items. Keeping your decorations organized and efficiently stored will make it easier to fit everything in your small living room.


Don’t let a small living room stop you from having a beautiful and festive Christmas tree. By choosing the right size, optimizing the placement, and considering alternative options, you can find a tree that fits perfectly in your space. Get creative with your decorations and storage to make the most out of your small living room this holiday season.