Colors To Avoid In North Facing Rooms

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Colors to avoid in northfacing rooms 7 paint shades to swerve

Colors to Avoid in North Facing Rooms


When it comes to decorating your home, choosing the right colors for each room is essential. However, if you have a north-facing room, you need to be particularly careful with your color choices. North-facing rooms receive less natural light throughout the day, making them appear cooler and darker. To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, it is important to avoid certain colors that may further darken the space. In this article, we will explore the colors to avoid in north-facing rooms and suggest alternatives that will brighten up your space.

Why Avoid Certain Colors?

While dark and cool colors can add depth and sophistication to a well-lit room, they may have the opposite effect in a north-facing room. These colors can make the space feel even colder and gloomier. Avoiding such colors will help create a more balanced and inviting environment.

Colors to Avoid:

1. Deep Blues and Purples:

Deep blues and purples tend to absorb light, making the room appear darker. Instead, opt for lighter shades such as pastel blues or lavender to add a touch of color without overwhelming the space.

2. Dark Grays and Charcoals:

Similar to deep blues and purples, dark grays and charcoals can make a north-facing room feel somber. Consider using lighter grays or warm neutrals like beige or taupe to create a cozy atmosphere.

3. Forest Greens and Mossy Greens:

While green is often associated with nature and can be a calming color, darker greens can make a north-facing room feel heavy. Opt for lighter shades like mint green or sage to bring a refreshing and airy feel to the space.

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4. Rich Burgundy and Maroon:

Burgundy and maroon are deep and dramatic colors that can make a room feel smaller and darker. Instead, choose lighter reds like coral or blush to add warmth and vibrancy to your north-facing room.

Colors to Embrace:

Now that we know which colors to avoid, let’s explore some suitable options for north-facing rooms:

1. Soft Whites and Creams:

Soft whites and creams reflect natural light, making the room appear brighter and more spacious. They also create a calming and serene atmosphere.

2. Light Yellows and Apricots:

Light yellows and apricots can bring a cheerful and sunny vibe to your north-facing room. These warm hues will make the space feel cozy and inviting.

3. Pale Pinks and Peaches:

Pale pinks and peaches add a delicate touch to your room while creating a sense of tranquility. These soft colors work well in bedrooms or living rooms.


Choosing the right colors for your north-facing room can significantly impact its overall ambiance. By avoiding dark and cool colors and opting for lighter and warmer shades, you can create a space that feels brighter, more inviting, and cozy. Experiment with different colors and see how they transform your room into a haven of warmth and comfort.