Florist Tips For Mantel Garlands

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Florist Tips for Mantel Garlands


Mantel garlands are a beautiful way to decorate your fireplace during the holiday season or for any special occasion. They add an elegant touch to your living space and create a festive atmosphere. If you’re looking to create a stunning mantel garland, here are some tips from florists to help you get started.

Choose the Right Greenery

When creating a mantel garland, it’s important to choose the right greenery. Opt for fresh evergreen branches like pine, cedar, or fir for a traditional look. If you want a more modern or unique garland, consider using eucalyptus, magnolia leaves, or even dried flowers. Mix different types of greenery to add texture and depth to your garland.

Measure your Mantel

Before you start creating your garland, measure the length and width of your mantel. This will help you determine how much greenery and other materials you’ll need. It’s better to have extra greenery than not enough, so be sure to add a few extra feet to your measurements.

Secure the Garland

To ensure that your garland stays in place, use floral wire or zip ties to secure it to your mantel. Start by attaching the garland at both ends and then work your way towards the center. This will help distribute the weight evenly and prevent sagging.

Add Decorative Elements

Once your garland is securely in place, it’s time to add some decorative elements. Consider adding pinecones, berries, ornaments, or even fairy lights to give your garland a festive touch. Be creative and choose elements that match your overall theme or color scheme.

Maintain the Freshness

If you’re using fresh greenery, it’s important to keep it looking fresh throughout the holiday season. Mist your garland with water every few days to prevent it from drying out. You can also place a damp cloth or floral foam at the base of the garland to keep it hydrated.

Protect from Heat

If you’re using your fireplace, it’s important to protect your garland from the heat. Make sure the garland is positioned away from the flames or any hot surfaces. Consider using flame-retardant materials or artificial greenery if you’re concerned about fire safety.

Consider the Overall Aesthetics

When creating a mantel garland, think about the overall aesthetics of your living space. Choose colors and elements that complement your existing decor. If your mantel is already busy, opt for a simpler garland. If you have a minimalist style, consider a monochromatic or all-white garland.

Experiment and Have Fun

Creating a mantel garland is a chance to let your creativity shine. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different greenery, colors, and decorative elements. Have fun and enjoy the process of creating a beautiful mantel garland that reflects your personal style.


With these tips from florists, you can create a stunning mantel garland that will impress your guests and enhance the beauty of your living space. Remember to choose the right greenery, measure your mantel, secure the garland properly, and add decorative elements that match your overall theme. Maintain the freshness of your garland and protect it from heat if you’re using your fireplace. Consider the overall aesthetics of your living space and don’t forget to let your creativity shine. Have fun and enjoy the process of creating a beautiful mantel garland!