Soundbar Mounting Ideas

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Soundbar Mounting Ideas


Soundbars have become a popular choice for enhancing the audio experience of TVs. Mounting a soundbar properly can make a significant difference in the sound quality and aesthetics of your entertainment setup. In this article, we will explore some soundbar mounting ideas to help you find the best solution for your home.

1. Wall Mounting

Wall mounting is a popular and space-saving option for soundbars. Most soundbars come with mounting brackets or can be easily attached to a universal soundbar mount. When wall mounting, ensure that the soundbar is positioned at ear level for optimal sound projection.

2. TV Mounting

If you have a wall-mounted TV, consider mounting the soundbar directly beneath it. This creates a clean and streamlined look, with the soundbar seamlessly integrated into your entertainment setup. Some soundbars even come with brackets specifically designed for attaching to the back of compatible TVs.

3. Shelf Mounting

If you prefer not to mount the soundbar on the wall or TV, you can use a shelf or a media console. Make sure the shelf is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the soundbar. Position the soundbar near the TV, ensuring that it is not obstructing the screen.

4. Soundbar Stands

Soundbar stands are a versatile option that allows you to place the soundbar wherever you want. These stands usually come with adjustable height and angle, allowing you to customize the sound projection according to your preference. Place the soundbar in front of or below the TV for optimal audio experience.

5. Mantel Mounting

If you have a fireplace with a mantel, you can consider mounting the soundbar directly above it. This placement allows the sound to bounce off the wall and fill the room with immersive audio. Ensure that the soundbar is securely attached to the wall and doesn’t obstruct the view of the TV.


1. Can I mount a soundbar on drywall?

Yes, you can mount a soundbar on drywall. However, it is important to use appropriate wall anchors and screws to ensure a secure installation. If you are unsure, it is recommended to consult a professional to avoid any damage to your wall.

2. How do I hide the cables when wall mounting the soundbar?

To hide the cables when wall mounting the soundbar, you can use cable management solutions such as cord covers or raceways. These can help conceal the cables and create a clean and organized look.

3. Can I mount a soundbar above my TV?

Yes, you can mount a soundbar above your TV. However, ensure that it doesn’t block the screen or interfere with the viewing experience. It is recommended to position the soundbar slightly below or in front of the TV for optimal sound projection.


Choosing the right mounting option for your soundbar can greatly enhance your audio experience while maintaining a neat and organized entertainment setup. Whether you prefer wall mounting, TV mounting, shelf mounting, soundbar stands, or mantel mounting, consider the aesthetics, functionality, and sound projection to find the best solution for your home.