How To Paint A Popcorn Ceiling: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Painting Popcorn Ceilings • REFASHIONABLY LATE


If you have a popcorn ceiling in your home, you may have considered painting it to give your space a fresh, updated look. Painting a popcorn ceiling can be a bit tricky, but with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve professional-looking results. In this article, we will guide you through the process of painting a popcorn ceiling, providing you with tips and answering frequently asked questions to make your project a success.


Q: Can you paint a popcorn ceiling?

A: Yes, you can paint a popcorn ceiling. However, there are certain considerations and techniques that need to be followed to ensure a successful outcome.

Q: Why would I want to paint my popcorn ceiling?

A: Painting a popcorn ceiling can help freshen up the look of a room, cover up stains or discoloration, or simply provide a change of color to match your decor.

Q: What tools and materials do I need?

A: To paint a popcorn ceiling, you will need the following tools and materials: a roller with a thick nap, a paintbrush, a ladder, a drop cloth, painter’s tape, a paint tray, a primer, and your choice of ceiling paint.

Q: How do I prepare the room before painting?

A: Start by removing furniture from the room or covering it with a drop cloth. Remove any light fixtures or ceiling fans, and cover the floor with a drop cloth. Use painter’s tape to protect any areas you don’t want to be painted, such as trim or walls.

Q: Do I need to prime the ceiling before painting?

A: It is recommended to use a primer before painting a popcorn ceiling, especially if you are changing the color. The primer helps the paint adhere better and provides a more even finish.

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Q: How do I paint a popcorn ceiling?

A: Start by cutting in the edges with a paintbrush, then use a roller to apply the paint to the rest of the ceiling. Work in small sections, and be sure to roll the paint on in different directions to ensure even coverage.

Q: How many coats of paint do I need?

A: Depending on the color and condition of your popcorn ceiling, you may need one or two coats of paint. It is recommended to let the first coat dry completely before applying the second coat.

Q: How do I clean up after painting?

A: Clean up any paint spills or drips immediately with a damp cloth. Once you have finished painting, remove the painter’s tape while the paint is still wet, and carefully fold up the drop cloth for disposal. Clean your brushes and roller with warm, soapy water.

Q: Are there any safety precautions I should take?

A: When painting a popcorn ceiling, it is important to wear safety goggles, a dust mask, and protective clothing to avoid inhaling or coming into contact with any loose popcorn texture.


Painting a popcorn ceiling can be a rewarding DIY project that can transform the look of your space. By following the steps outlined in this guide and taking the necessary precautions, you can achieve a beautifully painted popcorn ceiling that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.