How To Organize A Room With Too Much Stuff

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8 Ways To Simplify & Organize Your Master Bedroom Organization


Living in a cluttered space can be overwhelming and stressful. If you have a room filled with too much stuff, don’t worry, there are solutions to help you organize and create a more functional and peaceful environment. In this article, we will provide you with practical tips and strategies on how to organize a room with too much stuff in the year 2023.

1. Start with a Plan

Before diving into the decluttering process, it’s important to have a plan in place. Decide on the end goal for your room and envision how you want it to look and feel. Consider the purpose of the room and what items are essential to keep. Having a plan will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the organizing process.

2. Declutter and Sort

The first step to organizing a room with too much stuff is to declutter. Start by sorting your belongings into categories such as keep, donate/sell, and discard. Be honest with yourself and let go of items that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy. Remember, less is more when it comes to creating a clutter-free space.

3. Utilize Storage Solutions

Invest in storage solutions that suit your needs and the size of your room. Use storage bins, shelves, baskets, and drawer dividers to maximize space and keep items organized. Utilize vertical space by installing floating shelves or a hanging organizer. Consider using storage solutions that are aesthetically pleasing to create a more visually appealing room.

4. Create Zones

Divide your room into zones based on functionality. For example, if you have a home office within the room, designate a specific area for your desk, computer, and office supplies. Create a separate zone for relaxation by arranging your seating area with comfortable furniture and adding cozy elements such as pillows and throws.

5. Prioritize Accessibility

Arrange items based on their frequency of use. Store frequently used items within easy reach and less frequently used items in harder-to-reach areas. This will make it easier for you to find and access the things you need, reducing clutter and saving you time in the long run.

6. Label and Categorize

Labeling containers and categorizing items will help you maintain an organized space in the long run. Use clear labels or color-coded tags to easily identify what belongs in each container or section. This will make it easier for you to find and put away items, as well as maintain the overall organization of the room.

7. Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Think outside the box when it comes to storage solutions. Look for hidden storage opportunities such as under the bed or behind doors. Use decorative boxes or baskets to store items that are not used frequently. Utilize wall space by installing hooks or a pegboard to hang items such as jewelry, accessories, or tools.

8. Establish a Maintenance Routine

Once you have organized your room, it’s important to establish a maintenance routine to keep it clutter-free. Take a few minutes each day to put away items and tidy up. Regularly reassess your belongings and make adjustments as needed. By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you can maintain an organized room in the long term.

9. Seek Professional Help if Needed

If you find yourself struggling to organize your room or feel overwhelmed by the process, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Professional organizers can provide guidance, support, and expertise to help you create a well-organized space that meets your needs and preferences.


With the right approach and strategies, organizing a room with too much stuff can be a manageable and rewarding task. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can transform your cluttered room into a functional and peaceful space in the year 2023.