Moving A Grandfather Clock On Its Back

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Step 6 Check the Level. Step 3 The Hands.

How To Move A Grandfather Clock 20 Steps For A Clockwork Move

If you think you can just load your grandfather clock onto a dolly and roll it to the moving truck you could wind up with some unexpected clock problems once you unload.

Moving a grandfather clock on its back. Most grandfather clocks play a melody and chime on the hour. If you loosely stuff some crinkled newspaper up in the back behind the movement in that area it should keep the pendulum hanger from moving around. Lock the front clock door and secure the front door key of the clock In your pocket or maybe Wifes purse – someplace you can find it.

Step 2 Checking the Weight. For glass areas and pieces wrap in paper before bubble wrap to prevent dents. In every case lift gently do not force or twist the pendulum.

Stop the pendulum from swinging with a gentle stop motion. When fully assembled the intricate pendulum and. You also want to make sure the hanger where you unhooked your pendulum is not free to move around.

Furthermore even under the best of moving circumstance when moving a grandfather clock it is not at all unusual that adjustments may be required once the grandfather clock has reached its final destination after the grandfather clock is once again set-up. How to pack and transport a grandfather clock. Winding the minute hand 1 full.

The tips below can help you fix the faulty movement of your grandfather clock. Cover the front of glass by a piece of corrugated it is alright to move a grandfather clock on its back as long as it has been packed properly. Find or order a box thats at least 80 x 25 x 15.

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Step 7 The Ticking. If you break this part you will have to get a new one from a clock parts supplier. Step 1 Weight.

All in all you should be able to finish the entire work of packing and moving a grandfather clock in around 30-40 minutes depending on the type of timepiece you own and the speed with which you keep up with the disassembling packing and moving steps below. Step 4 – The Pendulum. In order to set the time without playing the melody move the minute hand counterclockwise.

Weights control the grandfather clock movements. How to Pack a Grandfather Clock for Shipping or Moving If youre planning to ship your clock make bubble wrap your best friend we recommend 4-6 layers. Moving a Grandfather Clock.

It is alright to move a grandfather clock on its back as long as it has been packed properly. One may have to take off the back panel of the clock case or open the side windows to be able to see how the pendulum is attached to the suspension. Gently and slightly move your grandfather clock by holding the base of the clock with two hands.

Most movements have a self correcting feature which synchronizes the chimes with the time. When moving a grandfather clock you have to ensure that all accessory parts are removed and packed properly to prevent damaging the clock according to Howard Miller Company the worlds largest grandfather. The hour hand will move automatically when the minute hand is moved.

Avoid laying down the clock on its back the risk is never worth it. Rolled the blankets over the clock to cover it. Moving a grandfather clock can be a challenge for.

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The stage of preparing to move a grandfather clock is about procuring the proper packing materials soft packing paper for its delicate parts sheets of bubble wrap a few moving blankets a roll of tape and of course a number of cardboard boxes as. By moving the minute hand counter Clockwise it is not necessary to wait for the Grandfather Clock to chime as the minute hand passes each quarter hour. Weights control the grandfather clock movements.

One person should be holding the grandfather clock from behind while one person should be controlling the dolly and the grandfather clock from the front. Step 5 The Moon Dial. This is as true for newer grandfather clocks as it is for antique grandfather clocks.

I layed blankets in the back of my truck and layed the clock top first on it back on the blanket and slid it into the truck clock laying flat on its back.

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