44 Perfect Glass Shelves Ideas For Bathroom Design

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Putting up bottom of glass shelving is quite common to ask in many homes as well as offices around the world today. The glass that you install may be transparent or reflective, either of which were great in a bathroom as they help dissipate and disperse the limited artificial lighting that most bathrooms receive. Not only does this make your bathroom brighter, it also makes it seem a lot more bigger than it really is. That, compounded with the fact that wooden shelving is inherently unsafe in a bathroom makes it quite the logical and economical choice. Just remember to wipe down your glass shelf in the bathroom every week or so and you will enjoy the benefit of making the right choice for a long time to come.

The reason that rooms and closets are equipped with wooden glass shelves is that they need to hold heavy items such as books, pots, and trophies and in some cases entire computers themselves. On the other hand the heaviest thing in your bathroom is probably your extra-large bottle off head and shoulders shampoo which weighs in no more than a few pounds.

Bathroom glass shelves are traditionally moderately sized but you can get larger varieties and sizes if you want. However, you may find that it is a lot more easier for you to organize your bathroom if you have installed a couple of smaller or medium-sized glass shells instead of one large shelf. This is because most of the items in your bathroom are neither heavy nor large in size so they can fit onto smaller shelves a lot more easily.

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