42 Romantic DIY Couple Apartment Decoration Ideas

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Apartment decorating can be challenging due to it’s limited nature. Often times, the landlord won’t let you change the wall color or flooring and it really may not be the color or style you want. But, if you use a little bit of creativity and imagination and a lot of accessories, you can get achieve the look of the sleek modern home decorating style in your apartment without making the landlord mad at you!

The first thing to consider is color. You could go for a really deep or bright modern color but if you can’t paint your walls what can you do? One thing you might consider is very large panels that you can hang on the walls to give it color. Or, you might consider stapling fabric to large frames and then putting them up on the walls – you could actually cover the whole wall this way and get the color you want, and then simply remove it when you move out and the landlord will be none the wiser!

In the apartment, think about accessorizing with artwork and accent pieces combined with sleek modern sofas and chairs. You want to end up with a modernistic style using funky shaped furniture and accessories with either dark stained wood or chrome accents. Give some thought to the furniture and accessories you use so that they best compliment your modern decorating approach.

Your apartment decorating project can focus on modernistic accessories and furniture with plain but interesting shapes for adding flavor to the room, but you also need to bring the windows and floors into the decor. Window treatments for the Modern home decorating style should be light and minimalist – consider using nothing at all or a simple valance.

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