Smart Hidden Storage Ideas For Kitchen Decor 41
Smart Hidden Storage Ideas For Kitchen Decor 41

46 Smart Hidden Storage Ideas For Kitchen Decor

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Dealing with kitchen clutter is often cited as one of the most arduous of household chores, not least because storage space is at a premium in the family kitchen. In smaller kitchens particularly, the temptation is to leave appliances and cutlery out on the surface because cabinets are cluttered, only to find that food preparation is almost impossible as a result.

Luckily, there is a range of innovative kitchen storage systems available to those who despair when surrounded by an intractable mountain of oppressive kitchen implements. By being creative and using every inch of space, yet maintaining optimum functionality, you can restore a semblance of calm and serenity to your kitchen that will transform it into a place of comfort rather than a source of dread.

Plugging the gaps
One of the easiest ways to increase storage space in your kitchen is to make the most of the more inconvenient and unconventional nooks and crannies. Corner units, for example, have great potential for storage but are often neglected because they are awkward to access. With innovative modern solutions, including pull-out shelves, carousels and tiered drawers, you can utilise the entire space in a way which is both accessible and intuitive.

Similarly, small foot-level drawers offer a great place to put thinner items, such as baking trays, without taking up any extra space on the walls. Also, if you have any gaps between cabinets or appliances, makes sure they don’t go to waste. An ultra-thin vertical drawer could be the perfect solution for wine or knife storage, so take a good hard look at all the hidden potential your kitchen has to offer.

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