47 Genius DIY Projects Pallet For Garden Design Ideas

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Homemade compost bins allow one to fit the bin into the general aspect of the property and to tailor the bin or bins to the needs of the gardener and property. They are neither tedious nor difficult to build and may be made from a variety of materials.

The simplest bin is of course none at all. Compost will work quite well in a pile alongside the garden. However, some areas do not allow what they consider unsightly piles of garbage in the yard while a bin is more than acceptable. Besides this, many gardeners prefer the look, convenience and ritual of a series of compost bins.

A quick bin may be made from a 10 length of welded steel wire fencing, 3 feet high. 14 gauge is about right for strength and sturdiness combined with reasonable weight. Clip off the fencing at one end to leave the ends protruding and bend them over to form hooks. Roll the wire into a circle about 3 feet round and hook the end of the cage. You now have a compost cage about 3 feet round and 3 feet high. This is an ideal size for a compost bin. Add the compost to it and when it is time to turn of use the compost, unhook the end and peal the cage from the pile.

Next up in simplicity is the pallet bin. Nail three pallets together to form a U. Take a fourth and wire it to the other three so as to form a door. Alternatively it may be hinged. Some composters prefer to leave off this fourth side or door and simply fill the U, taking compost and adding material through the open side.

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