48 Inspiring Open Concept Kitchen You’ll Totally Love

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Open concept kitchens have been sweeping design magazines lately, and if you have a new kitchen or a reno in your future, chances are you’ll want to consider what an open kitchen can bring to your house. Open kitchens are defined by their wide open spaces and clear lines of sight to the rest of the house. More than a way to reduce clutter, open concept kitchens connect the kitchen to the rest of your trendy home providing a warm place to connect with people.

Kitchen cabinet doors with clean flush lines, islands with plenty of storage space, and large counter tops that become family meeting spaces are the keys to the open concept kitchen. If you’ve been considering a change, the information in this article will help you decide if open concept is the right direction for your remodel or brand new kitchen.

One of the big challenges with an open concept kitchen is finding the right way to match the decor and feel of your kitchen with the rest of your house. Chances are your home has some defining features already – gorgeous hardwood floors, massive windows that let the light in, or sleek marble surfaces – something sets your home apart from the rest. Cabinetry is the fastest and simplest place to start blending the unique features of your home into a stylish open concept kitchen.

Cabinet doors provide a world of different designs you can tailor to your house no matter what your style is. Hardwood floors can be paired with stark and simple cabinets that make the floor stand out. Tiled floors let you try more ambitious wood varnishes that give your kitchen a rich warmth instead of feeling cold and sterile. If your kitchen is dominated by stainless steel appliances, dark stained or black cabinets add a great modern vibe.

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