Wonderful Window Box Planters Yo Beautify Up Your Home 37

50 Wonderful Window Box Planters Yo Beautify Up Your Home

Teak window box planters are virtually weather resistant, due to the natural oils that occur in teak. These oils also make teak planters termite and pest resistant, as well as giving the wood a natural sheen.

Teak planters are an ideal alternative for people that live in high rise apartment buildings or those wanting to decorate the window. A window box can add character and elegance to a house, a garden, or a deck as well as provide extra gardening space for those that do not have much space, or any at all. An excellent use for teak window box planters is to grow herbs and small vegetables or spices, so that you can have fresh produce all year round, right at your window sill.

Because of the space saving aspect and the ability to grow small vegetables and herbs, window boxes are also an excellent way of saving money. You do not need to regularly replace the flower boxes for years upon years. They are also very reasonably priced and an excellent investment. Teak planters have been used world wide, for many years, as they allow one to display all seasons, in one place, without hassle.

The worlds number one choice for timber for outdoor structures and furnishings is teak. Teak is primarily found in South and South East Asia. Mainly, India, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is a tropical hardwood otherwise known as Tectona Grandis. It has a yellow to brownish tint with smooth grains and texture.





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