45 Genius Rustic Scandinavian Bedroom Design Ideas

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Why would you want to decorate/redecorate? Perhaps you’ve just moved into your dream home, in which case you’re going to be full of that special kind of raw excitement reserved for such occasions. Perhaps you’re selling, and therefore want to maximise interest with a lick of paint to counter that once-gaudy neo-gothic style you had going on. Perhaps you just want a change of scenery after years of staring at the same four walls, you’ve grown up and want a change of atmosphere. Whatever the reasons, decorating a bedroom is by no means a simple process. There will be a great deal of brainstorming, deliberation and internal argument before you stand there looking at your dream room.

The last thing you’ll want when viewing the finished product is to regret something. After all, a lot of time and money will have gone into the decoration, which is why you should be absolutely sure that what you’re doing is what you truly want, and be pretty meticulous in your planning of it. You won’t want to rush into anything; instead gather as much information as you can and go from there.

It would be too easy to just head into your local department store, or that Scandinavian home of ready-made ideas, and walk out with every facet of your new room already catered for. I suspect, however, that you won’t want your room to look like just another carbon-copy of a catalogue photo. You’ll want to retain some kind of individuality, to have a little piece of yourself locked away inside the final design. For this reason you can’t be too afraid or lazy to scour every possible source for ideas.

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Firstly, think of a style. Do you want Pop Art chic, the retro style of Art Deco, or the Zen-like state of minimalism and Feng Shui? Think hard – you want your room to have a certain feeling; after all, it will be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.