54 Cozy Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

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I know what you are thinking, an outdoor kitchen? My exact thoughts when asked to write this article. However, the more I think about it, the more I see the benefits and the need to have an outdoor kitchen. It just makes sense when you think about it. Consider this if you will, you are having a big party, all of your friends, family, and neighbors are visiting, relaxing by the pool, and it is time to start preparing your food. Well generally, that means you have to leave the party, walk into your house, and start preparations within the kitchen. This means you are inside slaving away, while everyone else is enjoying themselves, you are secluded. I can see the resentment swelling up already.

Now consider this scenario. The same party, the same day, the same guests, only now you have an outdoor kitchen with everything you need readily available. Sure, it may mean you have to run inside to grab the necessary ingredients and cookware, but now you are still in the sun and fun. Outdoor kitchen designs are only limited by your imagination. That is right, you can have everything in an outdoor kitchen that you have in your household kitchen. Complete with a stovetop, areas for your utensils, ingredients, and even a refrigerator.


Everything can be built into a wall or free standing the choice is yours. Another choice you have is rather you should cover it or leave it open to let the sun shine through. Covering in great because even if the weather does not particularly cooperate with the party is not spoiled. The outdoor kitchen design can be as small or as large as you want. It can include every aspect of your kitchen complete with electrical outlets for plugging in different appliances.

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Of course, the stop top would be a little different; it would instead be a grill. If you decide to cover your outdoor kitchen, you should include a range hood to vent the smoke from the area. If you need to boil sauces or makes veggies and a grill simply will not suffice, consider a side burner for these items. Make sure you add tables and chairs to your area and lighting if it gets dark. This way the party is always near, even if you are cooking.