44 Marvelous Wooden Bathtub Design Ideas To Get Relax

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Hot tubs have been around a while and can be traced back to the Roman empire. Its healing power has been talked about for years and today we carry the tradition of wooden bathtubs to soothe our weary muscles.

Wooden barrels, made of cedar or oak, were created thousands of years ago to hold liquid such as wine and liquor. These wooden bathtubs are naturally resilient to decay and they expand when soaked in liquid. It wasn’t long before people realized that these barrels would make perfect bathtub. Hot tubs were born out of these barrels and continue to this day.

Fiberglass and acrylic took over in the 1970’s and the spa tub was introduced. Soon people forgot that the hot tub was wooden and interpreted the plastic spa to be the same. However, certain companies stuck with the wood design, realizing that nothing can compare or resemble the qualities of natural wood.

Northern Lights Cedar sticks with tradition in the manufacturing of their wooden bathtubs. All hot tubs are made with top grade Clear Western Red Cedar, with an aromatic scent to add to the soothing experience. The fibrous wood is ideal for holding water and is the wood of choice for indoor and outdoor hot tubs.

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