43 Natural Green Bedroom Design Ideas

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Green can transform the small bedroom into a beautiful refuge of peace, or make it charmingly innovative and alert. It is one of the most refreshing colors. It has such a tremendous variety of shades that the possibilities for creating individual and attractive small bedroom are considerable.

Since green is a very passive color, you can add a little more zest to the decor by using a mix and match of patterns within that one color. Or you can play with light and dark contrasts. Mixing large patterns with small ones, checks, stripes and poker dots, will all never seem overwhelming since the green color always remains as a center of calmness.

Green has its brighter shades too. A fully saturated green for accessories, contrasted with fresh white walls can look very abstract. This makes it ideal for those who love this color but like an ultra modern interior. Light spring green added sporadically to a room painted in cream-white can look as light and jolly as a fresh spring day. Sage greens create an exceptionally elegant quality.

If you decide on green for the walls, it would be advisable to use a very light shade in combination with lots of white. This will ensure that the room does not appear even smaller than it actually is. If your bedroom happens to be long and narrow, you could paint a stronger shade of green on one of the walls that is at the far end of the room. This will make that particular wall project forward and improve the shape of the room, giving the impression that it is more rectangular.

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