46 Wonderful Home Decor Ideas For Spring And Summer

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There is just something about springtime that makes us all feel like we are waking up again. Everything is new and fresh, colors seem brighter, and our energy is back. We know we are just moments away from glorious summer. Even our homes seem to need a refresh to keep up with the changing of the seasons. So how do we give our homes a little lift to keep up with the change in season?

A good first step is a simple furniture rearranging. Swap your living room with your dining room, eliminate that extra chair in the family room that nobody uses and should have been thrown out years ago, bring the upholstered chairs in from the living room and move your family room’s leather ones to the living room. You get the idea. Don’t overthink it; just get busy moving things around. If you really need help, ask a friend or look online for free room planning software.

A great second step is to declutter. Having lot of items in a room makes it feel heavy and overwhelming. Try limiting yourself to three items per surface. Eliminate lamps and tables that serve no purpose. Put away throws, blankets, and other cold weather items. If you have not established good organizing systems for yourself, the spring is a great time to get motivated.

Next, layer in lots of green. If green isn’t in your color scheme then try plants and florals. Real plants are fantastic but if you have pets, small children or a brown thumb look for nice looking faux ones at your favorite decorating store. You can find some fabulous ones without breaking the bank. Just make sure to wipe down the real guys and the faux so they leaves don’t get dusty.

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