50 Easy DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas On A Budget

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Before you embark on the remodeling of your bathroom, learning new things would definitely come in handy. You should be patient and willing to engage in dirty work. The advantage of doing a DIY bathroom remodel is the cost effectiveness, and the ability to transform your bathroom into a truly unique piece.

What is DIY remodeling?
It is very important to ask yourself whether you should perform a DIY remodel or not. Definitely the savings on cost and the satisfaction from the exercise will encourage you to proceed. However you should know that the exercise will need skills in project management, color selection demolition and repair for various fittings such as hooks and towel rails. You should also know that DIY does not extend to plumbing and electrical jobs unless you are a professional in these fields. Trying to handle these two as well can have adverse effects on your home insurance cover and on your health.

Planning for the remodel
The first step is to establish the level of remodeling your bathroom needs. Its may be just a simple redesign or a complete makeover. Other factors that will feature in your plan include the number of people that will be using the bathroom and any special requirements from other family members. Your DIY bathroom remodeling should result in a spacious bathroom if it’s planned well. These days planning is made easier by the availability of software application programs. With a proper layout and water proofing system your remodel can include changes in the color scheme retiling and replacing cabinets.

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Major plumbing and electrical jobs are prohibited by the law for DIY bathroom remodels. Your plan will also touch on how long the remodel will take. Normal DIY remodels in San Diego take between a week and one month depending on the availability of time and the amount of work required to complete the remodel. You plan will also touch on the legal issues associated with bathroom remodels. You need to check with local authorities to find out if a permit is required to perform the remodel. This usually applies for those cases where you are reconstructing the bathroom from scratch.