46 Modern Style For Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

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There has been an ongoing debate over the use of the term master bedroom, have you heard of it? There are those who believe that the use of the term master bedroom is indicative of a slave somewhere else inside the house. This reeks of racial discrimination- one that no one is fond of. So, in order to be politically right, you have to use the term owner’s bedroom now. And for those who are looking for the right styles for this part of their home, they will now need to search for owner’s bedroom designs.

The Owner’s Bedroom History
This part of a house usually has an huge bathroom and a walk-in closet for the mistress or the man of the house. Yet this is a contemporary connotation to this term since the American real estate industry only began to embrace this element about 25 or so years ago.

This is also called the master suite (forgive the inclusion of the word master in there yet again) which practically sprung during the 80s.

For a lot of people, the 18th and 19th century homes were all utilitarian. Only the rich could afford numerous bedrooms as well as sitting rooms. Though this is the case, most lower to middle class Americans preferred to sleep all together in one room – more so during the coldest winter seasons. Of course, this is because they weren’t as lucky as their rich counterparts with regard to the number of rooms and furnaces installed therein.

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