Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Design For Your Home 44
Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Design For Your Home 44

52 Dreamy Bathroom Lighting Design For Your Home

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Do you find yourself not wanting to look at yourself in your bathroom mirror in the morning? It may simply be because you have poor lighting. Lighting naturally creates shadows and if you don’t have your lighting properly planned, you may find that your newly remodeled bathroom isn’t the happy place you thought it would be.

I’m writing this article as a result of numerous questions from my neighbor who is remodeling. Being a lighting professional, they have lots of questions for me regarding their bathroom lighting. It really seems to be a daunting task for them. In Bathroom lighting design, there are many decisions to make. From design and placement to what fixture to use to what light bulbs are best. I’d like to take you around the room to give you a rule of thumb when planning your own bathroom lighting design.

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Showers are a space that you no doubt need a form of recessed lighting. It’s very important to use a recessed fixture that is made for the shower and rated to work under conditions of humidity and possible contact with water. In addition you’ll want to use a light bulbs rated to use in the shower. Most products will be clearly marked as such.

Personally, we have a dimmer on our shower light. It allows for a slow wake up by anyone getting into the shower before the light of day. But it’s important to provide enough light to allow you to shave and see what you are doing.

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