Lovely Backdrop For Valentines Day Photo Booth 51
Lovely Backdrop For Valentines Day Photo Booth 51

55 Lovely Backdrop For Valentines Day Photo Booth

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Music Of Your Heart
Music plays a significant role in every romantic setting and what better way to show your love than by creating a compilation CD for your loved one with all of the songs that remind you of them

With the accessibility of audio technology, you could record a special message at the beginning or end of the CD that describes what they are about to hear OR inject special messages in between songs that describe why that specific song reminds you of them, and what they mean to you.

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Purchase printable CD covers from your local store and create a personalized cover for your CD. Add their name to it and the date and year, so that you can both remember the exact Valentine’s Day in which it was given.

The songs don’t have to be just the regular old songs either. Create a more personalized version of your CD by including songs from movies you’ve watched together, or from your first date.

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