Cool Kitchen Island Design Ideas 41
Cool Kitchen Island Design Ideas 41

52 Cool Kitchen Island Design Ideas

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Kitchen islands have become all the rage in kitchen design. Even though it seems islands in the design of a kitchen are a recent trend, this type of design has been utilized in some shape or fashion for many years. The lasting popularity of islands is easily understood, for there are so many varied functions and designs to suit every desire.

The first thing to consider in designing an island for your kitchen is it’s desired chief function. Is it to be a cooking space, a food preparation space, a place with storage? Do you want to incorporate seating space, room for the kids to hang out when eating snacks or doing homework? Factor your answers to such questions into your design in order to find the island that works best for your family.

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Having considered what you want the primary function of your island to be then it is time to think about the many types and styles there are to choose from. From over-sized furniture-like pieces that accommodate the entire family in seating to islands on wheels that provide additional workspace with location flexibility, the possibilities abound. There are even two-level islands that offer a cooking zone and a gathering area all in one, with just enough separation to keep the sauces from the homework papers.

Kitchen island design options offer so many features, whether it be more cabinets for storage, a sink to aid in food preparation, a wine rack or bookshelf, a stove or dishwasher, and the list goes on. Once you have decided on your island’s primary function, then you can set about choosing the particular design and features to be included that will optimize your time.

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